Swan International


To ensure that we give the best to our clients in respect of their cultural diversity and lifestyles, we have no geographical boundaries and a high reach, refined and extremely well connected network that ensures success in the search for the right match.

We DO the work for our clients. Instead of sending them on date after date, which can be a time consuming, emotionally draining and an often frustrating and ineffective process, we take the stress and fear out of dating by only introducing our clients to people who we believe are suitable for them.

We listen and understand our clients’ needs and offer additional help – through highly qualified professionals and experts in dating and relationships and everything in between (Swann International Advisory Team) – so that our clients can re-discover themselves and be ready to love again.

We have experienced our clients’ issues and have an understanding of their lives, needs and wants. We are in this process together.

We take on a client and we do not consider our work complete until we have found a suitable match.

Ultimately…to love and be loved that’s what we strive to achieve for our Clients. You will feel our care and commitment to you at every stage. The personal nature of our service is un-paralleled.  Whether you are new to the matchmaking process or you had disappointing experiences let us take you by the hand.

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