In our exceptional team we have senior experts coming from the best backgrounds and from blue chip companies with more than 20 years’ experience in people personality assessment, psychology, various aspects of coaching, headhunting, high level networking, public relations and human resources.

They guarantee our professional approach. At the same time, we are extremely aware of how delicate and fragile a journey towards a soul mate can be which is why our team “listens and delivers” with warmth, understanding, care and discretion.

They ensure that our clients embark on a transformative journey and each member of our global team shares the Swann International vision of helping our clients find love. We help them to experience/re-experience the joy, the adventure, the excitement of life through a relationship with a person who brings the best of who they are to them and to whom they can give their best.

At Swann International, we simply…care.

Each client is individually assisted and guided from the very first complimentary non committal interview ’til the end of the process by the same person who will be their point of reference throughout, who will advise and listen to their feedback and experiences.

If you feel you would like to have a chat with us and know more about how we can help you to find that special profound connection with whom you can share your enthusiasm for being alive and embark on a new adventure, contact us.