Marilena Narbona

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Swann International was founded by Marilena Narbona, who has drawn on her years of personal and professional experience to create Swann’s truly unique offering.

Marilena is an Italian born international businesswoman who has built a successful career connecting professional people all over the world at the highest level.

Time and again she has seen that business success does not necessarily equal personal success and no matter how much she has helped clients achieve professionally without the love and support of a special someone to share their life with, all the success in the world feels hollow.

With Swann International, Marilena has extended her natural skill at finding the right connections for her clients into the field of their personal lives.

“I know what it’s like to be focused and passionate about my career and raise a family at the same time. I also know what it is like having to start afresh, pick yourself up after heart break and loss. I know how it feels to reinvent yourself trying to find the new life that is somewhere out there waiting for you, and being on your own, feeling there is no opportunity nor time to meet the right person to establish a meaningful relationship with.”

“And, let’s face it, no matter how successful we are…love is all we really want; to love and to know that someone loves us.”

Her instinctive desire and ability to help people, her warmth, integrity, authenticity, passion and vision is clearly apparent in everything she does and lies at the very heart of Swann International.

Marilena is the driving force of her dedicated Swann International team, and works closely with them, wherever they are in the world, to deliver an exceptional service to their clients.

“We are aware that our clients take on a big commitment, emotionally and financially when they come to us. We know that they are prepared to invest in their future happiness and we do not take this lightly. In return we give them our total commitment, professionally and emotionally. We are committed to finding their soul mate”

Marilena is always available to speak to her Swann International clients wherever they are in the world.  A friendly ear, a shoulder to lean on, she is a woman who because of her personal journey has decided that she’ll do everything she can to help you find your soul mate.

“Love to me should be all about adventure, fun, self discovery, and re-engagement with life!  And this is an age in which, whatever happened or not in our love lives before, we are “ready” to get it right!”

“I simply want to create a legacy of love”

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