As a highly professional, worldwide, Introduction agency, Swann International delivers excellence and results.

Our clients are vibrant, dynamic, cultured, cosmopolitan men and women who enjoy personal freedom and financial security. They have achieved success in many areas of their lives, they are now looking for someone special, a soul mate to share their life with.

They are seeking relationships locally or across the world and want to find a partner who shares their values. – Swann International has no geographical boundaries.

They want to work with someone who guarantees them the maximum discretion and understands the demands of their lifestyle. And who understands that no matter how high they are flying…they are just… people with their personal insecurities and vulnerabilities, hopes and dreams, need to love and be loved.

Our Clients are not a profile on a database or “members”; each one is unique and deserving of a unique response to their needs and quest for happiness.

This is where we bring value to our clients’ lives – in finding that connection for them – in placing that hand in theirs.

They become our friends for life and we an important milestone to their happiness.

If this resonates with you, then why not take the next step on your journey and contact us to arrange to meet us over coffee.