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Marilena Narbona - founder Swann International


Swann International is an exclusive global introduction and dating agency connecting single cosmopolitan men and women who are looking for an enriching relationship. Finding the right connection for our clients is at the heart of everything we do.

We understand how important it is having someone to share our life; someone to build a loving and lasting relationship with; someone with whom to be the best version of ourselves we can be. We believe there is someone out there for each one of us and we know that finding them alone can be difficult.

That is why at Swann International we have made meaningful connections our mission.

On your behalf we will look for that one person, that kindred-spirit with whom you want to embark on the exciting adventure of life and rediscover the joy, the vibrancy and magic of love.

Swann International strives to deliver excellence to a clientele who is discerning and used to excellence. We believe in our mission at the deepest level and we offer a personal, unique, highly discreet and tailor made service that holds you at the heart of everything we do. In our global vision we strive to bring love to your life’s journey.

You’ve taken the first step by visiting our site, now let us guide you towards  your happiness.

Now let us do this for you…